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In connection with covid-19, swimming lessons are given to a limited number of students, which means that the waiting time on the waiting list can increase further.

On this page you can register yourself or your son / daughter for swimming lessons.

How to register on the waiting list.

You first start by logging in or creating an account. When creating an account, you fill in the details of the person who is going to learn how to swim. You choose the right waiting list and then indicate your preference. The choice of the waiting list depends on the age of you or your child. For children from 4 years, choose ZB-WACHTLIJST A, for adults and children from 12 years, choose ZB-WACHTL A VOLW.

For the waiting list for children from the age of 4, the waiting time starts after the 5th birthday of your child. If your child is already 5 years old at the time of registration, the waiting period starts on the day of registration. As soon as there is a space available on the day of your choice, you will be called by our receptionist on tel: 06-83802844. We recommend that you save this phone number in your phone immediately after registration.

Refund is not possible after registration.

  • Choose a waiting list
  • Indicate your preference
  • Confirm

LessonIndication waiting timeRegistration costs
ZB-WACHTL A VOLW. Wachtlijst A volwassenen vanaf 12 jaar 92 days € 17.40
ZB-WACHTLIJST A Wachtlijst A start vanaf 5 42 days € 17.40


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